New Study From Trek Therapeutics Tests TD-6450 and Faldaprevir


Trek Therapeutics pic

Trek Therapeutics

As the co-founder and chief medical officer of Trek Therapeutics, Robert Hindes, MD, is responsible for designing and managing clinical studies evaluating Trek’s hepatitis C drugs. Robert Hindes, MD, and Trek have recently been focused on trials involving TD-6450 and faldaprevir, two of the company’s most promising in-licensed assets.

In mid-June, Trek Therapeutics began a new study to evaluate the effectiveness of TD-6450 plus faldaprevir against HCV genotype 1b. The study will measure the regimen’s effectiveness both with and without the addition of ribavirin, an antiviral commonly used to treat HCV. These trials are being conducted in both New Zealand and the United States.

Trek’s next generation NS5A inhibitor, TD-6450, is an essential component in the combination drug regimen. TD-6450 was designed to perform better than similar antivirals, especially against the particular strains that were resistant to first generation NS5A inhibitors. So far, TD-6450 and faldaprevir results have been very encouraging, demonstrating rapid and sustained suppression of HCV. If all goes well, these new treatments may be able to improve quality of life for people infected with HCV but with poor access to the expensive regimens being marketed in the US and Europe.