Trek Therapeutics Starts New TD-6450 Plus Faldaprevir Phase 2 Study


Trek Therapeutics pic

Trek Therapeutics

As chief medical officer of Trek Therapeutics, a public benefit corporation, Robert Hindes, MD, heads a clinical team focused on developing affordable antiviral drugs for global markets. In June 2016, Robert Hindes, MD, and his company announced the start of a Phase 2a study of TD-6450 plus faldaprevir, with and without ribavirin, involving patients with genotype 1b (GT 1b) HCV infection at sites in the United States and New Zealand.

The new study follows the analysis of interim results for the same set of drugs being used to treat patients with HCV GT 4. The 16-patient study yielded successful results, with HCV RNA <LLOQ in all patients by Week 3 of treatment, and SVR in all 10 patients who have post-dosing results.

TD-6450 has been designed to provide better antiviral activity results with genotype 1 resistance-associated variants that are resistant to previously developed NS5A inhibitors, such as daclatasvir. Faldaprevir is a protease inhibitor that is highly active against HCV GT 1 and 4.


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