Buying the Right Skis for You



An experienced clinical researcher, Robert Hindes, MD is the cofounder and chief medical officer of Trek Therapeutics. An avid skier in his free time, Robert Hindes, MD knows just how important it is to have the right skis.

Getting the right pair of skis is one way of ensuring you stay ahead of the pack on the downhill ski slopes. Not only do they help skiers learn techniques easier, they also make skiing way more fun.

Generally, skiers go for skis that match up with their skill level. For beginners, skis with softer flexing are a good pick since they make for easier skiing. For advanced skiers, stronger skis are better since they can handle the increased pressure exerted to go faster over longer courses.

Other factors to consider include gender and body size. With regard to gender, men’s skis complement men’s shape and size, while women’s skis are designed to complement women’s anatomy and stance.

Heavy skiers (over 200 pounds) are encouraged to go for skis a skill level above them, while lighter skiers (below 115 pounds) are encouraged to drop a ski level below them.


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