BeyondWest Works to Bring Drug Therapies to Target Nations

The co-founder and chief medical officer of BeyondWest Pharmaceuticals, Robert Hindes, MD, is working to develop new drugs to treat serious infections, such as hepatitis C, in developing countries. Though pharmaceutical technologies lead to amazing breakthroughs, the resulting medications are not always accessible or affordable for all patients, especially those in underdeveloped countries. Robert Hindes, MD, and his colleagues contribute to a trend in which physicians and scientists in Western nations turn more and more attention to the health and well-being of all the world’s citizens. 

As the name suggests, BeyondWest Pharmaceuticals focuses on performing clinical trials and gaining approval for drug therapies in countries where there is an urgent need for medicines to treat life-threatening diseases. Dr Hindes and his associates have identified several countries throughout the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia as “target countries” based on their need. In addition to developing the needed medicines, the company acts as a political liaison, coordinating the efforts of healthcare providers and regional governments to implement drug regimens strategically to those patients who desperately need them.