Dr. Robert Hindes Authors Two New Papers

Robert Hindes, MD, a New Jersey-based infectious disease specialist, recently authored two new papers on the use of Daclatasvir for the treatment of patients who suffer from hepatitis C. The first paper, “Daclatasvir for previously untreated chronic hepatitis C genotype-1 infection: a randomised, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-finding, phase 2a trial
,” appeared in the September 2012 edition of The Lancet: Infectious Diseases. Dr. Hindes and his fellow researchers studied 48 patients in France and the United States. They divided the patients into four groups and gave them 3 different doses of the drug Daclatasvir or placebo plus pegylated interferon and ribavirin. The double-blind study suggested that regimens which included 10 or 60mg of Daclatasvir achieved high rates of eRVR.

In the second study, published in the journal Liver Transplantation, Robert Hindes, MD, and his colleagues discussed the case of a patient whose hepatitis C recurred after a liver transplant. In the article, “Case report of successful peginterferon, ribavirin, and daclatasvir therapy for recurrent cholestatic hepatitis C after liver retransplantation,” researchers discussed the medical history of a 49-year-old woman with severe recurrent hepatitis C post-transplant. They found that adding daclatasvir to pegylated interferon and ribavirn achieved sustained viral eradication with no significant drug-drug interactions. Abstracts of both of Dr. Hindes’s new papers may be found on the federal government’s PubMed website.