A Look at Entecavir, by Dr. Robert Hindes

Marketed under the brand name Baraclude, entecavir treats chronic hepatitis B. A form of nucleoside analog, entecavir reduces the level of hepatitis B virus in the body. While it does not cure hepatitis B, it can stop additional liver damage. However, it does not prevent the user from spreading the disease to others.

Available only through a doctor’s prescription, entecavir comes in two forms: a tablet and a liquid. Patients usually take it once a day, at around the same time, and on an empty stomach. The medication should be taken exactly as prescribed, and persons should not take extra if they miss a dose. Those with questions before or after starting on the medication should ask their personal physician.

About the Author:
Involved with drug development for several top pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Robert Hindes was Vice President for Clinical Development at Pharmasset, Inc., where he led the development of hepatitis C medications, and directed its Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. Before that endeavor, Dr. Hindes participated in the successful New Drug Application for entecavir.